Are we as faithful as birds in trees,

as patient for spring as they

For summer’s stream

then autumn’s slopes

as prepared for the shrill lodged in winter’s throat

are we

too grounded, too clipped

if just one of us believes our

Earth is flat.

Are we as free to soar, to sink

as they are birds in trees


Sharks and waves

Sharks and waves
collapsing in the sea

Cerulean and gainsboro grey
testers of beach house paint

Fins swarf the white crust
of the murdered reef

shallows are for sharks a grave
like surgery in outer space

I’m buoyed up to know they don’t want me
as sand and fear dog my feet


imageI’ve driven men away
Into sinking sands
With no Way Out

I’ve driven men
Into overcrowded metaphors;
i) Guantanamo Bay
ii) Heartbreak Hotel

I’ve driven men
Without being able to drive
with folded eyes to far off skies,

Many a mile and many in bloom
from casual drinks, from a hotel room
from a white-flowered wedding aisle
I’ve driven men and continue to.

This does, is including you,
You, not the only man I forced away
the only one I hoped would
s t a y

Give Us A Twirl

A face skinny dips into water
Gathered in the sink

The sky jigsaws into leaves
Of the obscured bathroom window

Damp light starts to ruffle the dark night
They merge like the pocket of air under an accordion skirt or a jellyfish rowing through the sea

Waning stars support a toe nail clipped moon
They are all exhumed by the Sun’s happy blue

She still hates her job
Until lunch time
Until home time

The Red Sea

They had eroded like sedimentary rocks

He was the heavy rain that wore her down

She was the crystal that formed in place of abrasions,

A poppy amongst shrapnel


After 30 seasons of his wicked, weathering

She forged a black hole in her brain’s limbic system

Where memories are made (scientists say)

She’d bury him alive in the sink hole of her mind

In it would be everything they ever did

Every thought, every glimpse

Except for her three kids.

1 billion seconds later,

She shut the door to his easy shelter


It takes 1 second of 1 billion

To find the graphene-hardened, gristly

Heart of courage and lost loving

To leave the mental torture

And the man responsible

To walk barefoot through the broken glass

Of the plates she’d launched

Of the frame that held their family portrait

Of the petals from a young, bride’s bouquet

Through the regret of her overstay

To walk barefoot through the broken past

To walk so far, she won’t look back

Sea Holly of Little London

How can one city be another?
I swear that I was there,
In this place but feeling there
Miles from the real thing
London commuted into me

The live nostalgia I hooked and reeled          Made me angle in, some make believe
That the streets beneath my feet
Were Southernly

O bell that chimed at quarter past
Was an Elizabethan Royal clock
The passing people passed                                    With Southern bags from Southern shops

Tourists, tourists
But all the Scousers, no longer Northern

For a moment on Bold Street
I felt the energy of a capital city
Whilst peeking into candescent eateries Perhaps it could be Paris that I’m feeling

Friday night, December 1st
People without plans and those reserved
Students, couples, family, friends

Full with space is Liverpool,
Ode to be England’s capital.

Thanatos Thoughts

Palm Tree Poetry

On this, malignant aridity of a Sunday night

I entertain the thought

Of my dog’s death

I’ve nursed one before, to his final sip

We gave him water through a syringe

Told him it was okay to leave,

To go to his favourite beach

This is that dog’s own son

Who I’m having palpitating fears hereof

Tis why my love is doubled up

He’s his Dad, reincarnate

Grief will be a noose-tight harness

Hanging above all that is good but my

Feet can’t reach the floor to move on.

My humans are more important and

With the loss of Dad forthcoming,

I hope Mum will laugh again

In broken pieces that will code her grief in

I don’t wanna lose my dog as well

But if I could trade him in

For the man that’s ill

He’d be Friar Kolbe and

Sacrifice himself

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